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2017-2018 RBPOA Board:

Bill South             President
Johnny Hayes       Vice President
Annette Howell     Secretary
Pam Ketner          Treasurer

Members at Large:

Shirley Gillett
Billy Miller
B.T. "Punk" Myers

View a corrected 2018 Budget here. 

Our Manager and Maintenance Winter Schedule is now in effect.  These hours are posted on the Services page.  Also, the Orange and the Green Bathhouses are closed.

If you have an address change, you need to email it to rogersbayoffice@embarqmail.com , or mail it to P O Box 517, Sneads Ferry, NC 28460.  Items sent to the lock box in Charlotte with payments are not forwarded to our office.

Rogers Bay Property Owners Association Rules & Regulations (Rev. 8-4) Sec. 1100 (page 11) Number 5
All lots must display their lot numbers, at eye level on the RV, and on the electric meter box. Pull through lots must show lot numbers on either side of the road side. All RV's and watercraft shall display a valid license tag. The tag may be displayed in a window on the RV.

PLEASE BE ADVISED, effective the August 2017 Board Meeting, all owners are to have their lots properly marked on the RV and on the electric meter box no later than October 15, 2017. Any property not properly marked will be marked by the POA and $5.00 will be billed to the property owner. This rule allows Fire & Rescue and Emergency Personnel to easily locate lots inside Rogers Bay.

Storage Sheds
Storage Sheds MUST be in compliance with North Topsail Beach regulations. Any other structure is prohibited, and shall not be placed on the the site. Storage boxes or bins not in excess of 3 ft x 4 ft x 3 ft, or storage boxes or bins not in excess of 3 ft 2 inches x 4 ft 3 inches x 6 ft 5 inches, or the equivalent Rubbermaid type storage bin are allowed. They must be properly anchored.

Even though you see larger storage sheds in the campground at this time, they are NOT allowed, please do not construct one or bring one in.

Grass Cutting Policy
(Beginning May 1st and ending on Nov. 1st of each year)

Co-owners are required to cut and trim lawns approximately every two (2) weeks. If a co-owner fails to comply, the BOD will provide the lawn service on the 15th and 30th of each month, and bill the co-owner $35.00 per lot. Notification of such services will not be provided. Any monies collected from this violation will be paid to the lawn service company, and any remaining monies will be deposited into the grounds maintenance account.
Taken from RBPOA RULES AND REGULATIONS (Revision 8-1) Page 10-11

Need Your Lot Mowed? Call one of these Mowing Contractors:
Tommy Bryan 336-692-0764
Bill Grady 910-934-0629
Cathy Lane 919-344-3332
Ron Price 910-231-4881
Ralph Turnage 919-738-2884
William & Judy Wadford 910-382-1678
Tom Webster 919-457-2749

Property Owners
There are many new property owners on Rogers Bay, and a lot of new trailers to replace outdated ones. We are required by the Town, and by our Organization, to have lot numbers displayed on the electric meters and on the road front of the trailers. Old trailers have it, but the new ones do not. without this the EMCs won't be able to locate you fast in case of an emergency. Please, arrange for your trailer to show you lot number.

Hurricane Season
Please make sure items on your lot are secured and that your sewer is capped during Tropical Storms and Hurricanes.  For the latest updates on weather for our area you should visit the National Weather Service website.  If you need information on what to do to prepare for a Tropical Storm or Hurricane, visit the Plan for a Hurricane webpage at the NOAA website.

The Proper Securing of a 100 lb. Propane Tank
Bury a 4x4 post 3-4 feet deep. Use metal strapping around the tank and screw the ends into the post. If you have any questions, please contact Craig at Sneads Ferry Propane.  See this document for additional information: LP Gas Concerns > Anchoring Tanks for Flood Areas.

Volunteers Needed
Volunteers are needed for all of our committees.  Please note that even if you are renting a site in Rogers Bay, your help on one of our committees would be greatly appreciated.

Memorial Garden Plates
Faye Davis is working on a list of new plates needed for the Memorial Garden at the Picnic Shelter. The plates are $5.35 each. If you need to order one, please contact Faye Davis (252) 527-1497  or Lisa Hamner, Campground Manager (910) 328-0568 or rogersbayoffice@embarqmail.com.

DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE OR THE BIRDS! All food scraps of any kind are to be put in a proper trash receptacle and not disposed of in the yard or street area to feed the birds or any other wildlife.

Questions about what CAMA will and will not allow on the Island can be answered by accessing the CAMA site. Just click on the blue CAMA letters in this sentence. Don't expect a simple answer the information is extensive and is lengthy.

Thank You from St. Jude


Calendar requests should be sent to our Manager's Officeat rogersbayoffice@embarqmail.com.

Rogers Bay Most Beautiful
Yard for 2017
Keep your lot well groomed and you may be chosen for this honor. See the list of this year's winners.

Re-entry Passes
NTB Hurricane Re-entry Pass information can be found on the town's Hurricane Preparedness Page.

Cut off your water at the street when your RV is not in use. This will prevent water damage to your trailer in case of leaks.

Click on the link above to get the latest information on disposing of yard waste including street pick-up for yard waste. The Dumpster is for household garbage only!

Need the Recipe Form for the Rogers Bay Cookbook? Click Here!

Welcome to the Rogers Bay Property Owners Association website! ***  Winter hours for our Office and Maintenance began on November 1. *** The Orange and Green Bathhouses have closed.
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