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Rogers Bay Property Owners Association
2013-2014 RBPOA Board:

George Darden        President
Belmon Bailey        Vice President
Annette Howell        Secretary
Lonnie Sigmon        Treasurer
Pam Ketner
Mary Little
Randy Scott


North Topsail Beach Leases Parking
NTB has leased the parking area across the street. As you face the ocean, the area left of the crossover and all the way to the St. Moritz condos is now public parking. The area to the right of the crossover has been leased by Rogers Bay POA and may be used for POA members only to park their golf carts. Signs have been erected to designate Rogers Bay POA's parking area.

Many oppose the Public use of the area across the street and feel that the increased traffic to the beach will result in environmental damage, disturb the turtle nesting areas, and over populate the already narrow beach area between high tide and the dunes. Any one who desires to surf fish in such an over populated area could not find enough space to safely cast a line. The congestion on Hwy 210 resulted in a dangerous problem during Memorial Day weekend. Numerous cars were ticketed for illegal parking on the side of Hwy 210 by the police due to over crowding and congestion.

Rogers Bay POA supports the efforts of the St. Moritz Home Owners Association for their efforts to resolve these issues with the Town of North Topsail Beach.

Questions about what CAMA will and will not allow on the Island can be answered by accessing the CAMA site. Just click on the blue CAMA letters in this sentence. Don't expect a simple answer the information is extensive and is lengthy.

Our Pool is Open
After a slight delay, the pool has been inspected and accepted by the health department. The first inspection failed and modifications to the Chlorination System were required to pass the second inspection, which was accomplished on the 29th of May.

Beach Access
The upper part (sitting area) of the walkway needs repair and the Board is considering how we might find money for the repair in the 2014 budget.

Volunteers are needed for all of our committees.  Please note that even if you are renting a site in Rogers Bay, your help on one of our committees would be greatly appreciated.

Shrubs, Leaves, Yard Waste

Restrictions on Dumpster
Click on the link above to get the latest information on disposing of yard waste including street pick-up for yard waste. The Dumpster is for household garbage only!

Prayer Requests:
Please keep these members in your prayers: Billy Ramsey, Stanley Carr Family, baby girl Abby, Mattie and Frank King, Ed Kramer, Cindy West, Brian Bridges, Beth Klein, Donald Braswell Family, Mary, Pat, and Bill White, Diane Brink, Jean Denning, Janice Anders, Virginia Barnhill, Junior Johnson, Lia Moore, Dwight Rich, David Kramer, Craig and Joyce Murphy, Rogers Bay Campground, Our Military, and America.

Need the Recipe Form for the Rogers Bay Cookbook? Click Here!
Cut-off your water at the street when your RV is not in use. This will prevent water damage to your trailer in case of leaks.